Hi there! I am a reader, writer, teacher, and translator based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I graduated from West High School, Oberlin College, and Columbia University.


The Yes Woman Ariel Duncan, College & Grad Essay Specialist 865-660-9430

We have all experienced that leap that takes place in your head when a conversation partner responds to a new idea with "Yes, exactly!" Our screen flickers for a second, then lifts off, and suddenly, everything is new.

Yes is what happens in conversation that can't happen alone. All my work happens in conversation, so I call it 'yes work.' Even though every situation is different, it's the same to me because it's all made up of those little leaps in your head (and mine!)

I'm an INFP, which means I work best at the front end, solving big problems with big ideas. With high school students, I notice my openness allows them to get excited about where they have been and what they imagine for their futures. They get permission to let go of their fears about not measuring up. I love to see them light up when they find their topic. It is always a surprise to me. I walk them through a set of exercises to find a meaningful topic, but what they write about is what comes to them through that process. That is my favorite part of this work, watching them get relaxed and begin reflecting. I recently received a text message from a mom: "Just opened my laptop and his essay was up. WOW. Brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of him."

Every student is capable of writing an incredible essay. It's simply a matter of answering the right questions.